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Furillen. A Fairy Tale Told in Images and Text, Part 1. | by blipmumfuzz
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Furillen. A Fairy Tale Told in Images and Text, Part 1.



Eir (2016) A Soul's Journey Between the Etheric and Astral Planes by Way of the Second Life Sim Furillen. Journal of Real World Studies. 3692 (1). 73-85.


About the Author

Eir is a Valkyrie of Asgard who dwells with Freya and her sister goddesses in Vingolf.



In October 2015 a previously unknown entity called "The Janitor" imagined into existence a virtual analog of the island of Furillen(1). This event occurred within a virtual world called Second Life(2). Within a week of that event the soul of a human girl who died on Furillen incarnated into the avatar of a visitor to the virtual Furellin in Second life (hereafter SL Furillen).


The girl, Lilly, died in 1361 in the aftermath of the Danish conquest of Gotland. Following her death, her soul become "stuck" in the etheric plane and was unable to embark on its journey through the afterlife.


Soon after SL Furillen opened an avatar named Blip Mumfuzz arrived for a visit. The moment Mumfuzz appeared Lilly's soul incarnated into Mumfuzz's virtual body (aka avatar). And there they both dwelt together -- unbeknownst to Mumfuzz -- until I separated the two and sent Lilly on her way.


Note 1: The Real World Island of Furillen has been under Asgard's spiritual jurisdiction since the end of the Lemurian Age.

Note 2: A virtual world is a technology-mediated realm that exists between the physical and spiritual worlds.


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