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Crime Scene, Ferry Dock - Furillen | by blipmumfuzz
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Crime Scene, Ferry Dock - Furillen

"Hey Mats. Do you think this could be connected to the murder of that Alliance Colonel over at the hotel?


"Don't know."


"Captain said within an hour military is gong to be all over this state, federal, the EU..."


"When did he say that?


"Before he sent us out here."


"That was two hours ago.


"Yeah well what about those two black helicopters parked by the hotel? And those fast boats been circling the island with no lights on?"


"I'm just saying its probably just a robbery."


"Who is gong to rob someone and leave a suitcase full of cash behind!"


"This ain't a James Bond movie...and who said there was a suitcase full of cash?"


"The night manager who found the colonel. But then the black helicopters arrived and since then its been total information blackout. They're saying that the killer was a passenger on the ferry."


"Forensics have an ID on the girl yet?"


"No. But they think its one of the ferry company's maintenance staff."


"Whoever she is she was in the wrong place at the wrong time."


"No doubt about that."

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Uploaded on January 21, 2016