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Suitcase Full of Money - Furillen | by blipmumfuzz
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Suitcase Full of Money - Furillen

Memorandum, Page 1

To: Asst. Director, EU Office, Exxon Google Corporate Intelligence

From: M. Bennet, Field Officer

Re: Assassination of Colonel Thea Mandal-Rojas, Senior Officer, Alliance of Southern Cartels Intelligence Service


This photograph was taken in Colonel Thea Mandal-Rojas' hotel room shortly after the Gotland police arrived at the scene. The suitcase contains an estimated 500K in US dollars. The fact that the individual who killed Colonel Rojas did not take any of the money strongly suggests that robbery was not a motive.


So why would Colonel Rojas, a senior officer in the Cartels' intelligence operations, who was in Furillen on holiday have such a large amount of cash in a suitcase in her hotel room?


Our theory is that she got the money from Alexander Chatenet who she met with at the hotel several hours before she was assassinated.


We believe Chatenet is working for the Vatican and that the money was an advance payment for the Colonel's support in influencing her brother Alberto Rojas, the dissident Cardinal of the Archdiocese of New York and its new mayor.


With the Archdiocese firmly in control of the City Council, the Unions, and every other locus of power in the City, and with New York on the verge of breaking away from the United States, the Vatican desperately wants to bring Cardinal Rojas back into the fold.


For the Cartels, who are now in possession of Texas with its oil fields and vast refinery infrastructure, the last thing they want is for New York to secede just as they've solidified their grip on the United States Government, which has, in effect, become a Cartel client state.



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Uploaded on February 2, 2016