2018 First Aid Competition
Edmonton, The scene: Four teens are skateboarding along the riverbank trail when suddenly the ground gives way along a steep slope causing the first skater to wipe out and slide down the bank into an open excavation pit. Friends of the skater are a few minutes behind on the trail but see what's happened ahead. They quickly move down the bank to locate their friend. They see a ladder in the pit for access but the injured skater cannot get up to use it. The teens attempt to rescue their friend. The ground remains unstable and as they start making their way down into the pit, the ladder tips. Within seconds the teens find themselves in a dire situation. All sustain various injuries and some are critical.

This was the scenario that 21 first aid teams of various skill levels walked into on Saturday April 7th at the Newcap Radio stage in West Edmonton Mall for the 2018 St. John Ambulance Provincial First Aid Competition.

With help from Paul Kane High School's drama club teams competed in five categories,
Standard First Aid - Youth, Standard First Aid - Industry, Medical First Responder, Emergency Responder, and Advanced First Aid.

"First aid is something that that you have a chance to help when everyone else doesn't know what to do. You'll actually have the knowledge and tools to be able to do something." Said John Kelly Team captain of Coal Valley Team 2.

"We have practiced a lot, like twice a week for one to two hours every week. So, we are pretty prepared we think." Cady McCubbing team captain of Poison IV Youth team.

First aid competitions have been a St. John Ambulance tradition since they were first introduced in 1880 by Surgeon-Major G.A. Hutton in England. While times and technology have changed, the importance of learning these valuable skills hasn't; as proven by the teams who competed on Saturday.

2018 Provincial First Aid Competition Awards Results

Best Standard First Aid Team – Youth Division: Poison IV

Best Team Captain Standard First Aid – Youth Division: Unqualified Opinion

Best Standard First Aid Team – Industry Division: Coal Valley Mines – Team 1

Best Team Captain Standard First Aid – Industry Division: Coal Valley Mines – Team 1

Best Medical First Responder (MFR) Team: The Captains

Best Team Captain Medical First Responder Division: Cyclone

Best Advanced First Aid Team: Coal Valley Mines – Team 2

Best Team Captain - Advanced First Aid Division: Coal Valley Mines – Team 2

Best Emergency Responder Team: Trauma Troopers

Best Team Captain Emergency Responder Division – A tie this year: SunHills Mining and Beach Patrol

Best Novice Team: Poison IV
Highest Overall Scoring Team: Trauma Troopers

Best Casualty This award recognizes outstanding performance of a volunteer in their role as a casualty: Emily
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