2017-03-14 - Joey Scouts - Buzzing Bees
Diana from Hampton Hives gave a presentation to the Joeys on bees and their activities. Nikolai bought along his beekeeper outfit for the Joeys to see but it was way too hot to expect him to model it for us.

There was taste testing for the Joeys (& parents) with some yummy honey for sale.

Super exciting was the bee hive display that Nikolai bought along. Unfortunately, last year when we had buzzing bee night, it was too cold for the bees to venture out so this was pretty cool and the Joeys were fascinated.

Ian’s craft activity was fantastic. The Joeys got to make their very own ‘bee’ and then had a chance to pollinate the ‘flowers’ which had been cleverly made.

A very practical activity as your Joey’s bee is indeed also a fridge magnet!

For more information on Hampton Hives go to www.hamptonhives.com.au.

The evening finished off with Timothy & Richard being invested, together with new Leader Eva (Hugo’s mum).

We are rapidly filling the places of those Joeys who have moved up to Cubs.
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