2017-02-21 - Joey Scouts Water Wings: Emergency Situations & Games
As a precursor to the 7 March Water Wings – Emergency Practice & Water Safety, the Joeys were taught how to get someone’s attention if they get into trouble in the water, and how to react should they become aware that others are in trouble in the water.

There was a strong focus on go and get an ADULT to help you assist those in trouble. Do NOT go in yourself. The last thing we need is more people in strife!

I’m surprised Spencer’s demo didn’t indeed bring first responders turning up, as loud as it was!

The Joeys also provided some free entertainment for visiting tourists who seemed a little perplexed by these odd customs we have in Australia!

It turned out to be a gorgeous evening so the Joeys got to get in a quick splash at the end of the night and new Joey William (all the way from the United Kingdom) was invested.

With a number of Joeys having recently moved up to Cubs we were a smaller group than usual but there are FIVE new Joeys about to come onboard!

Next week is the snorkelling adventure (always a hit). Please bring your Joey’s snorkel/goggles if they have a set. The mob has some available for those who don’t.
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