2017-02-14 – Joey Scouts – Shoreline Shells and Rockpools @ Rickett’s Point
What a change from last year where the wind was blowing up such a gale that every kite surfer in Melbourne was out on the water and the Joeys had to retreat to the hall to avoid being sand blasted!

The Joeys met up at Rickett’s Point by the Beaumaris Lifesaving Centre for their Shoreline Shells and Rockpools activity.

Neil Blake OAM, from the St Kilda Eco Centre gave a lesson about the different shells and who lives in them. He then took the Joeys exploring the rockpools.

The Joeys wouldn’t realise it, but it’s actually a pretty big deal and a privilege to have the letters ‘OAM’ after your name. It means that Neil has received a Medal of the Order of Australia, and to receive that he must have done something pretty special! Perhaps the Joeys can ask him when they next meet planting their Noonflowers in March (don’t forget to water them!).
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