2017-02-07 – Joey Scouts Clean Up Beach Night
With Leader Rachel’s clever slogan of ‘Bin it or Swim in it’, the Joeys were in action cleaning up the beach down at the 2nd/11th Scout Hall at the Brighton Foreshore & what a gorgeous night it was!
Unfortunately, recent heavy rains made the water a no swim zone, but there was plenty of fun to be had on shore!
After a chat about where rubbish comes from and how it ends up in the sea, the Joeys donned their gloves and got to work cleaning up the beach.
They then learnt a little about recycling, having to separate the rubbish they had collected into the appropriate tubs according to the category.
Leaders Eva & Rachel set up an obstacle course on the beach which was a huge hit, especially with the bouncy cows on hand! Watching (not so short) Leader Ian demonstrating how to crawl under the net was especially entertaining!
The Joeys then planted their own Noonflower cuttings into recycled tubs that they had bought along. They all took their plants home so that they can care for them until March, when they will be planted at the St Kilda Breakwater.
A fab night all up.
As a side note, please try to remember water bottles, especially when down at the beach where bubblers aren’t available. There were a few thirsty souls last night..
Next week the Joeys will be at Rickett’s Point with the theme Shoreline, Shells & Rockpools.
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