2016-09-13 - Joey Scouts Night of the Bats
Unfortunately, the planned outing to Dendy Park had to be moved back to the Scout Hall due to the weather. Microbats aren’t very active when it’s cold and windy so, even if we had braved it, there most likely wouldn’t have been any action to be seen.

Elizabeth and Geoffrey from Friends of Native Wildlife Inc. came to the hall instead, bringing along an Endoscope and an Anabat bat detector to show the Joeys how they operate.

Musical hoops made another appearance, with a new twist this time that saw the Joey’s having to hop, wriggle like snakes, crawl like wombats & skip like kangaroos. One Joey did a particularly impressive version of the worm dance, very a-la 80’s!

A fun activity making bat finger puppets rounded out the evening.

A shame the park didn’t get a visit, but hopefully next time around the weather will be a little kinder.

Max presented his Promise Challenge project and Delilah was awarded with her Promise Challenge Badge and Certificate. She’ll be one of the big girls soon, moving on up to Cubs!

Congratulations to Jason on becoming a fully fledged Joey Scout Leader!

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