2016-09-06 - Joey Scouts - Father's Day Microbat Box Making
Tonight the Joeys got to bring along their father or special friend to help make Microbat boxes. Whilst being a fun project for the Joeys to work on alongside their loved ones, it also served a purpose. All up, 10 microbat boxes were constructed and these boxes will be placed into parks in Bayside, providing protection and housing to a number of bats in the area where there aren’t enough natural tree hollows for them to roost.

Elizabeth and Geoffrey from Friends of Native Wildlife Inc. came along to assist and Elizabeth gave a fantastic presentation to the Joeys, talking about the life of bats in general, and bats in the community.

For more information on Friends of Native Wildlife Inc or the Batting4Bayside project, head to www.bayfonw.org.au/

A big thumbs up to Leader Rachel for organising such an awesome evening. The Joeys thoroughly enjoyed it & their enthusiasm was equally shared by the fathers/special friends! Noboby hammered a finger (or if they did, they were very quiet about it). Tony Cipriano, you might have a few more helpers available next time you plan a renovation!

A massive thanks to Colin (Leader Rachel’s father) who did a huge amount of prep work in order to make the project not so complex for the Joeys. When you compare the photo of the diagram with the end result, looking exactly as it should, you will appreciate the amount of work he put in!

Batty business out of the way, Archie M, Laurence & Jules all received their well earned Promise Challenge Badges & Certificates and Will got to present his Promise Challenge Project – Great work boys!

Next week the Joeys will be venturing to a local park to view the micro bats, and if they’re lucky, they might even spot some of the boxes that they made!!

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