2016-08-16 - Joey Scouts Science Night at St Leonard's College
WOW! What an amazing night!

Emma Harkin (Joey Xavier’s mum) introduced the Joeys to a bit of science at St Leonard’s College where she teaches.

Working with one of her colleagues, Christopher, the Joeys spread out over two science labs (lab coats & all – too cute!) for a fun filled night.

48 kids in total, there were 38 Joeys and a variety of Cub, Scout & Venturer helpers, with some of the older boys being students at the College.

Constructing ‘barges’ out of plastic cups, ice cream sticks, balloons, tape & string, Kali & Ella took out the crown with their craft managing to hold a staggering 148 marbles!

There were some very interesting designs & I’m not sure that I would be keen to head out to sea in any vessel created by the Joeys any time soon…

The night was topped off with an awesome liquid nitrogen presentation seeing roses being frozen, balloons being shrunk & then coming back to full size (pretty tricky) & finally a banana being frozen to the extent that it could hammer a nail into a piece of wood!

Amazing stuff!

A very big thanks to Emma, Christopher & St Leonard’s College for such a fantastic experience!

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