2016-08-02 - Joey Scouts International Sharing with 7th Brighton UK
Tuesday night, the Joey’s learnt about 7th Brighton UK Scouts who are 1st/14th Brighton Sea Scout’s sister group.

Spencer showed the mob the 7th Brighton UK uniform that they sent to us. The formerly dark little nook that wasn’t really utilised proved to be a great little intimate arena for presenting in thanks to the fantastic renovations recently undertaken by the Venturers!

William Fearn (Henry’s older brother) came along to show us his UK Cubs Uniform and his mum, Cub Leader Sarah, donned her English Leader’s Uniform.

The Joeys spent time writing up their individual bios and decorating them. These have now had each Joey’s photo attached to their respective bio and they will be posted to 7th Brighton in the UK, along with a group photo. Parents, please check your inbox as I need each parent’s approval before their child’s bio can be included.

Murray McDonald visited to tell the Joeys about a recent visit by 20 Scouts, Venturers and Rovers from Hong Kong who came to Australia for 10 days of adventurous activities. They were kind enough to have a special ‘Melbourne Challenge’ badge made and Murray handed one of these out to each of the Joeys.

We took a group photo at the end of the night to send to 7th Brighton UK, which included me in it, as a newly invested Trainee Assistant Joey Scout Leader! I’m now officially onboard!

Thanks for the photo bomb Camille & Ashleigh!!

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