2016-08-23 - Joey Scouts Caring & Sharing
Last night was about caring & sharing and working as a team.

Jason hosted some fun games including a blindfolded rope activity & musical hoops, which was a huge hit! How many Joeys can fit into one hoop? A lot it would appear! A bit of AC/DC and the Joeys were off and running!

Running a little later than usual (as forewarned by Spencer) there were no less than FOUR promise challenge presentations. Delilah, Archie, Jules & Laurence all did wonderful presentations, with Delilah giving Spencer a lesson in how to present flashcards (too funny!).

Having 4 presentations in a row, each very unique, was a great way to provide some inspiration to those Joeys who are yet to undertake the challenge. After weeks of talking about it (& a few nudges from me), my Joey raced in the front door after last night’s session and finally put pen to paper!

More information about the Promise Challenge Badge & what a Joey is required to do can be found here - www.vicscouts.com.au/joeys/badges-for-joey-scouts/401

Ashleigh was chief photographer this week (thanks Ash) and took some great candid shots of a lot of the Joeys having fun, so most of them have been included.

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