2016-06-07 - Joey Scouts Ormond Fire Station Visit
Tonight the Joeys visited the Ormond Fire Station.

Fireman James (a new recruit) gave a presentation to the Joeys, which included a talk on fire safety, talking about 000 and a run down on the gear that fireman need to wear on the job. A whopping 25kgs worth of equipment – as James said, his equipment weighs around the same size as an average Joey Scout and 90 seconds is all the time he has to get geared up (& the Joeys DID time him)!!

‘Drop down low and GO GO GO’ was chanted by one enthusiastic Joey, while another told us of a fire her mother started in the oven… (no secrets when you have a Joey Scout in the family).

The Joeys broke off into 2 groups and got a tour of the Fire Station, taking in the kitchen/lounge area (which one observant Joey was quick to point didn’t have a smoke detector in it), gym, change rooms, Officer’s quarters & control room.

They then headed outside for a fantastic rundown on the Fire Truck and all of its equipment and uses. The scenery wasn’t too bad for the Joey Mums either! There were some pretty cool gadgets on hand and the Joeys showed lots of interest.

It did run a little over time last night, but there was no way the Joeys were missing out on their turn at the fire hose. This year there was a fire hydrant target that one of the Joeys managed to knock down! Sarah managed to get in a sneaky shot and give a few of us a bit of a soak but other than that, we all went home dry.

A few lucky Joeys got to go into the Fire Truck and then it was time for a quick group photo before heading off home.

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