2016-05-17 - Joey Scouts Rover Crew Visit
Tonight the Joeys had some members of the Surrey Thomas Rover Crew pay them a visit.

There was a lot of indoor hockey (a huge hit as usual) and the Rovers & Joey Leaders helped teach the Joeys how to make some basic knots.

We saw 6 new Joeys get invested and Lailah & Jemma were presented with their Promise Badges & Certificates. (Spencer has sent an email out to parents regarding the Joey Promise Challenge Badge.)

The mob is getting bigger with lots of new faces appearing! For new parents, Vast Outdoors (880 Nepean Hwy, Hampton East – in the strip of camping stores opposite the Town Hall) is where you can pick up a shirt for your future Joey. Handy note, when I was buying mine and tossing up between a 6 or an 8, the sales assistant pointed out that if I bought a 6 and then had to go up to an 8, I would need to take all of the badges off and sew them on again… That made it an easy choice!

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