2016-04-26 - Joeys Anzac Day Night
Camille took the helm organising some fun activities for the Joeys.

They got to dig in and make Anzac Cookies. For those of you who didn’t try them, I’ll attest that they did indeed taste fantastic!

Some jigsaw puzzles followed. New leader Ian was ‘lucky’ enough to score what I believe was Ashleigh’s creation! He wasn’t giving up on it either!

Spencer discussed the significance of Anzac Day and why we remember. The Joeys were also treated to a couple of short Anzac stories.

Q&A began with one Joey asking why we have war. Spencer didn’t skip a beat and answered in the first instance, that war happens because people want power. A very age appropriate short discussion followed with no gory bits.

Their evening finished with a minute’s silence before a flag salute.

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