2016-04-19 - Joey Scouts Science Night
The Joey’s arrived at the Scout Hall to find that they had been locked out while the crazy professors were getting their experiments ready!

After some quick hula hoop & basketball fun, they broke off into 4 colour-coded groups for some fun activities.

Thanks to the loan of an acrylic jumper, Camille and Ashleigh had a hair raising time, showing the Joey’s how to create static electricity with the help of the jumper, balloons & rulers.

Ian (& Cub helper Zoe) taught the kids about surface tension teaching them how to use detergent in droppers to move a ‘boat’ and toothpicks through water.

Smiley taught the Joey’s how to reflect rainbows using a white surface, torch & compact discs.
I think all would agree though, that the piece de resistance was definitely Spencer, Jason (& Scout helper, Alanna)’s infamous egg in the bottle!

After all of the crazy science excitement, the Joeys then sat down to Jemma’s Promise Badge presentation. A lot of hard work well done!

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