2016-03-08 - Joeys water Wings 2
It was a scorcher of a night for the second instalment of the Joey Scouts Water Wings Activity.

The Joeys got to show off the skills that they have learnt in recent weeks, which included helping swimmers who are in trouble, alerting others if they are in trouble in the water, doing a starfish for a set period of time and swimming a distance. This year participating Joeys will receive a Certificate for their efforts! Exciting stuff for little people!

A novel 'water hop' finished off the evening, with the Melbourne skyline and Brighton Beach bathing boxes in the background. Does it really get much better than this?

A few lucky Joeys spotted some marine life on their way back to shore. A good lead up to next week's session at Rickett's Point where Parks Victoria and Marine Care will be on hand to lead the Joeys through a walking tour to help them understand the marine environment. I recall that Pelican Poo was a particular highlight for the Joeys last year!!
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