2016-03-19 & 20 - Joey Scouts Kangaree
WOW! What can I say. These photos have been culled, culled, culled but there were just SO many awesome activities that the Joey's got involved in, that it was hard to cull them any more!
I'm sure the wet sponge throwing activity, with Leaders and fellow Joeys being the targets was probably a highlight for them! Perhaps we could find a way to incorporate that activity into next Term's program? I'm sure the Joeys would be up for it & I know I would be happy to 'assist' them!
Parents, if your Joey attended Kangaree, you will receive a disc on Tuesday night with a copy of ALL of the photos taken by leaders & it will also include a little mp4 movie of these photos so that you can sit back with your Joey and relive their experience!

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