George to the Rescue - Twible Project
Tiles Unlimited was privileged to participate in a George to the Rescue episode. George to the Rescue is a TV home improvement show that helps families in need.

Robbie Twible, age 13, suffers from EB, an incurable skin disease. His bedroom looked more like a hospital room than a teenage boy’s bedroom. In addition, the family bathroom was not conducive for Robbie’s use.

The ‘George to the Rescue’ team rebuilt Robbie’s bedroom and were able to hide all his dressing table and medical supplies that littered his old room behind beautiful floor to ceiling closets. In addition, the family bathroom was rebuilt and is now fully accessible for Robbie’s use. A special thanks to the Twible family for inviting us over to watch the show with them.

We would like to thank the ‘George to the Rescue’ team for allowing Tiles Unlimited to participate in these amazing rescues. The outpouring of love from the families and their reactions to their new spaces is more rewarding than you can imagine. We can’t wait to participate in more rescues.
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