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UN FRAGMENT de MENDELSSOHN | by Poppy ♥ Cocqué ♫
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"Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. They're in each other all along"


- Rumi


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The overhead storm clouds cast their shadows

washing away the pride in me

pride comes before a fall

I learned that at my father's knee

or was it that I just misremembered

perhaps it was pride comes before a fool

it matters less in this definitive moment

it may always remain a mystery

I listen hard for signs of rain

I imagine the coolness on my skin

I thought I heard a rumble of thunder

is it true that rain will wash away our sins

for surely we have taken a wrong turning

this blessed heat without humidity

the dew drops sparkle in the sunlight

a mirage mirroring my humility

rosé rosée like pink champagne

smooth like cultured pearls it seems

like the many facets of a zillion diamonds

have been erased in many sultry dreams

wish that I could stay in this moment

give up the fight for any more

be contented; savour and relish

these small things that should be adored

but in my reverie I am safe

and the waters I paddle are extremely shallow

but that's not me, I must take the plunge

swim out of my depth; the wickless tallow

melts in the hot relentless sun

emerging now beneath it's shroud

the ether smells so strong of ozone

by the sea as dissolving clouds

dissipate and my anticipation

disappears like urban myths

that once seemed honest, true and permanent

but now appear rarified as Scotch mist

I play the music it fills the air

the ivory keys invisibly stained with blood

the ebony hardened like the wounded stare

of civilisations misunderstood

when will we learn to be as one

is it so hard to find harmony

the rhythm of Mendelssohn's fragmented vision

resounds in my ears and soothing me

I pick up the notes with nimble fingers

disperse them into the universe

hoping that someone, somewhere will hear them

and heal our planet, not make it worse

transferring thoughts like transference of scores

of tiny notes that alone have only partial impact

I begin to play a different theme tune to my life

love changes everything; to me that is a fact.


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Taken on July 22, 2018