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PONTIAC POPPIES | by Poppy ♥ Cocqué ♫
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“We would search out the meadow carpeted in wild flowers, lay back and let our imaginations tell stories of what we saw painted in the white sky vapors.”


- POPPY : Young Persons' Coming Of Age Story by Pennel P. & James J. - Irwin


Soundtrack :

Enter One – Sol Seppy


All of these days

while I sleep and I wake

all of these nights

when I dream and partake

of the kind of love

known only in dreams

that pulls at my roots

where nothing is as it seems

and down in the meadow

where the poppies dance and play

I can drift; I can float

high above; not count the days

and then in the nights

those long endless sights

that are stored up in my mind

sweet memories so kind

and I can let go

finally let go of it all

resist all demands of my time

and just let myself free fall

where will I land

somewhere I will

then fully understand

the love that I feel

and all that passed before

will seem like a dream

that happened to someone else

and not me or so it seems

let go of the past

live here and now

forget all the grievances

that brought me low

but hold on to the lessons

the ones that helped me grow

those small seeds of wisdom

that took hold; now I sow

and spread all I learned

at the hand of the angels

when I was down on my knees

I found healing and bangles

that cut into my wrists

left me hurt; I bled out

but I will never regret

because now I can shout

from the rooftops; the clouds

about the way distance can heal

pain that seems beyond endurance

can turn the way that I feel

and instil grace in the darkness

so the light that is within

shines out through the cracks

and goodness can win

now in the stillness

now in the light

there's no need for anything

when you're holding me tight

in the circle of your love

in the warmth of your arms

I am free to be me

feeling so peaceful and calm.


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Taken on May 27, 2018