What is a Lake?
A celebration of the UCD Lake 17.05.16
This event was the final project of my UCD Art in Science Residency.

What is a Lake? Offered the UCD community a chance to escape land temporarily and view their familiar campus from a new perspective. The boat tours created a chance to consider what a lake is and the value and role bodies of water play in our terrestrial world.

My fascination with the UCD Lake begun with the first solo crossing of lake in 2015, this swim was the catalyst for my exploration into the history, biodiversity, source, myths and science behind this body of water at the heart of UCD campus.

The event involved UCD Lake boat tours throughout the day, with a sound piece in the boat, a Dublin Model Boat Club display, a book launch and a music concert of a commissioned work “I am a Lake” written Anika Babel for this project.
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