DDD By Night 2018
DDD By Night 2018 #0: CFP Celebration (01/05/2018)

Tony Morris

Tony has been developing functional programming solutions for over 10 years, using the Haskell and Scala programming languages primarily. Tony teaches functional programming at the tertiary level and for professional programmers with a view toward producing a viable commercial result.

Tony is in town to deliver a free, 3-day functional programming course and in the middle of all that will give our Keynote!

Special Guests

Two other speakers from the Perth community will be speaking on varied topics. Be aware: this is not a Functional Programming evening - our special guests hail from very different fields in the software industry!

Mandy Michael
Mandy is the Front End Development Manager at Seven West Media in Western Australia. She has run Fenders - a local meetup group for front end developers - for nearly five years and in 2016, organised and mentored at Perth{Web}Girls to encourage women to code. Mandy is also co-organiser of Mixin Conf, a web conference aimed at encouraging a more creative and collaborative web for Perth and Australia. Mandy’s passion is CSS, HTML and JS and hopes to inspire that passion in others. She loves the supportive and collaborative nature of the web and strives to encourage this environment through the community groups she is a part of. Her aim is to create a community of web developers who can share, mentor, learn and grow together.

Rimma Shafikova
A Multidisciplinary Analyst with research background, passion for data science and experience in creating enterprise digital strategy, Rimma is a Data Scientist at VGW. There's more to learn, but you'll have to come see her in person!
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