Fiber Arts Certificate
The Fiber Arts Certificate has been developed in close interdisciplinary cooperation between the Buffalo State Fiber Design Program in the School of Arts & Humanities and the Fashion and Textile Technology in the School of the Professions.

The Fiber Arts Certificate is a grouping of specialized courses providing a foundation for careers as artists, designers, or other professions in fiber manufacturing and business. The courses include hands-on studio experiences with an emphasis on technical skills, aesthetics and conceptual aspects in various weaving, surface design and mixed media techniques.

The applied focus of the Fiber Arts Certificate supports the SUNY goal of providing a range of professional or vocational postsecondary programs and additional related activities. An employment bonus for certificate holders, the technical skills and design expertise gained through the Fiber Arts Certificate are applicable well beyond the fields of Fashion and Textile Technology and creative artists to multiple creative professions, making the certificate an attractive add-on for students.
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