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Just relax about the pics of yourself. | by sandra_palletier1
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Just relax about the pics of yourself.

I am getting more and more requests for removing some pics lately. Some are nicely requested. Some are told in a very aggressive way. So...


First, a bit of "Second Life laws" :



As long as you comply with the terms and conditions below, both Linden Lab and the Residents of Second Life (collectively, “we”) grant you the following copyright licenses:

A License To Capture. You may take snapshots and capture machinima of the 3D content we created that is displayed in-world, and

A License To Use. You may use the resulting snapshot or machinima within or outside of Second Life in any current or future media.


Okay. So...


Basically, there is nothing that specifically forbid to put a picture of anybody i meet in Second Life here on Flickr - this does not break any of Second Life nor Flickr TOS, as long as i label them correctly here (restricted for porn pics etc.)

So, no, i am sorry, you can't just tell me "you don't have the right to put my pics in here."

Now the question is : is it right to do so anyway ? To avoid these matters, i try, as much as i can, to warn people i meet that i take a lot of pics and they may end up here.

Some accept, some don't care, some refuse. Good. I have a lot of sexy times that are not shown here and i am prefectly fine with it, since it's not a blog to show every girl i have sex with.

But sometimes, in the heat of action, or in the randomness of SL message-eating (it happens, sometimes, yes), the information slips out. Or due to my delay in working on pics, i can genuinely forget. Some people have told me afterwards that they did not want pics of them, after the pics were uploaded. It happens. So i remove them, MOST OF THE TIME. I also do this when it's clearly some of my friends who are being bullied by mean bitches for these pics. I blame the bitches, but i give my friends a little help too.

And I say "most of the time" because "most of the time" people ask nicely enough and understand mistakes can happen.



People are just jerk. Okay it's not fine to have a pic of you having sex spread on the internet but keep in mind a few things...

1 - it's not you, it's your avatar

2 - this sex happened on Second Life, in which privacy is a big joke

3 - porn pics are visible only from flickr registered users

4 - even if i am not the most skilled - and maybe even more since i am NOT skilled - these pics take time to manage, sort, process. It's a tiny bit of work, not just junk that i can discard without a glimpse of bitterness for the work done.

5 - mistakes happen and i am not a monster. I deserve too a bit of politeness.



... when people were totally aware from the beginning and wake up weeks/months later. And / or just turn cold. I have deleted a few nice pics of people dear to my heart who turned out hostile. And while it's a pain to delete some "work", it's even more painfull when it means someone who was dear to yourself just become an hostile being for no apparent reason. I am not in need of "favs" or "views" for my living, but these are also memories of good moments that are beaten down.


So, to my followers : i am sorry. Some of my cherished works are not there anymore. Maybe i'll upload them again one day when everybody will have chilled down.


For the others : relax and stop thinking everyone in the world is focused on my Flickr stream. The sex we had is not something to be ashamed of. Unless you did it without feelings. What a paradox, when i am the one being accused of doing mindless sex ?!


And for God's sake, again, SL and Flickr Terms of Service DO allow me to put these pics on, so don't try to threaten me. You can just tell me "please i'd like my pics to be removed, i am not comfortable with these around anymore." That's more human.

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Uploaded on April 14, 2018