Lakes Area Mayors Prayer Breakfast 2016
The purpose of the Lakes Area Mayors Prayer Breakfast is to unite our region by supporting civic leaders with positive encouragement and prayer. Organized by the Mayors Prayer Breakfast Committee and the local Christian Business Men’s Connection (CBMC), the breakfast is non-profit event modeled after successful community gatherings all over America. Contributions from tickets and sponsorships help enable the breakfast as well as keep the tickets affordable and help fund the efforts of CBMC. This is an inspirational event, leadership training and networking opportunity all in one. With increasing polarization and pressures on our governmental leaders, it has never been more important to support them. Elected and appointed leaders from all levels of government, education and public safety are especially invited. This event is designed to build regional unity and leadership while supporting those in positions of trust. You are invited to be part of something truly special in our Lakes Area Communities.
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