Glass Beach

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North Glass beach, at the waters edge of Astoria Park. Many years of people hanging out down "the park" drinking their beers and tossing the empties over the railing and breaking them on the rocks down below. I suggest you wear some tough sandals when you spend a day on this beach; you might wanna go with high tops - to protect you from the other inhabitants on this beach.

Crude early form of recycling?

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  1. Kevin Farley 72 months ago | reply

    Glorious picture ! ...thanks, Kev

  2. theilr 72 months ago | reply

    another "who would have thought this could be beautiful" shot! the wetness really brings out the saturation -- a great image, clearly...
    I saw this in Commonplace Beauty!

  3. astoria4u 72 months ago | reply

    many thanks theilr!

  4. Dziobak (=Platypus) 72 months ago | reply

    very impressive shot, as much as I do not like the idea of beach covered with broken glass, I find the image talking to my imagination, beautiful colours and looks like a big mosaic

  5. astoria4u 72 months ago | reply

    Thanks Dziobak, I'm an avid beachgoer and sailor, and it saddens me to be on a shore covered in broken glass. But, as redjoe and Ki.p commented above, there is still some beauty to be found. The coulors in the sparkling glass, and the sound of the waves breaking over them. Most beautiful of all - almost all of the glass is weathered and old; a sign of changing times.... I hope.

  6. vidular 72 months ago | reply

    Fantastic in large on black. The bottle breaking must have been going on for very many years as some of the glass shards are smoothed by the wave action. Nicely seen and photographed!

  7. astoria4u 72 months ago | reply

    thank you Vid!!

  8. Jason_Hsu 72 months ago | reply

    Perfect capture. Love your composition.
    Have a beautiful weekend.

  9. marumaru70 72 months ago | reply

    molto interessante.

  10. annieclic (absente) 72 months ago | reply

    On dirait une collection de pierres précieuses abandonnées sur la plage!!!! Très jolie photo, bravo!

  11. Endurómur 72 months ago | reply

    Mesmerizing, the detail is absolutely drawing...

    A favorite!

  12. nal from miami 72 months ago | reply

    I agree with everyone who found something odd with this form of recycling - having said that; and realizing the glass is very old - I must admit this shot is beautiful and impossible to get if it wasn't for all the broken glass.

  13. astoria4u 72 months ago | reply

    thank you nal!

  14. redxdress 71 months ago | reply

    cool picture - great description too!

  15. Marco_Coelho 70 months ago | reply

    i would say "FAKIR BEACH", lol, lol

  16. mgw_wgw 69 months ago | reply

    What a photo, glass returning to sand from whence it came! And very beautiful the process is as is evidenced by this photo. Well done :)

  17. seaglasslovers@ning 63 months ago | reply

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  18. Pixel-Pusher 18 months ago | reply

    I have never seen such a large percentage of glass on a beach.
    This looks great
    With shots like this it is difficult to know how close to get for a proper balance between detail and expanse. Looks like you got this one just about right.

  19. astoria4u 18 months ago | reply

    Thanks pixel!

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