2018 10 04 Modern Quilt Group
Fourteen sew-ists met Thursday October 4 morning to create fabric collages in the style learned by Pam Rimmer at an Al Cote workshop at the Haliburton School of the Arts this past summer. We scrounged and scavenged from a table full of fabric, ribbon, lace, yarn, rovings, beads and more, to each create a 12.5 square which was then cut into smaller squares for insertion into IKEA frames. Most needed finishing and embellishment at home and it is hoped many will be shown at the Pinetree Guild meeting on October 11. Four additional guild members stopped by to visit and check out our progress.

During the noon hour we shared a delicious pot luck lunch. It was totally random, and worked out to be the perfect ratio of main courses, salads, and desserts.

At 1:00 we started our regular modern meeting, attended by fifteen.
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