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Life Leaver

Inspiration: (For full artistic effect, please listen to the music when looking at photo and reading below poem)


You try to Ignite some fight to enhance your sight of life

But you’re not able

You’re feeble

In your attempt to give life a hand job, as you fumble with it’s strap,

You’re like a tic tac

You’re presence refreshing but mediocre.

You treat it like a cheap whore

Desperate for more but you wont even commit to it


You’re a death lover, a baritone singer of pain

yellow bellied, indecisive spectator of life

Linguistic, sadistic You’re

unconsciously battling through your conspiracies of life

You Inhale light like a crack addict smokes crack

Like the cracks in your mask

I see you

I breath you in and the darkness descends, as my truth swerves and bends

I see you

Your pain, your disdain for life

I see you

But see me

I’m a blood sucker

A midnight distance runner of truth

Determined to give everlasting light

I refuse to tip toe around the tic toc of lifes clock

I refuse for your innoncence to be raped by the negativity and unproductivity of your words

I refuse you.

Please do not mistake this darkness for lonely

Your rude awakenings and gentle whispering of hate will not deter me

How rude of me

Please take this seat of truth life leaver

Let the screaming of my notes educate you

Let them comfort and direct you

Let them whisper sweet nothings against your virgin cupids bow.

Stop evading life, life leaver

Put trust in me life leaver

Lay the excuses at the door of never more and run

Run with me


{Yaboos Resident}


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Uploaded on June 5, 2016