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5 Taco Plate | by ulterior epicure
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5 Taco Plate

5 Taco Plate

Choose any five tacos: I chose 1 taco cabeza (head meat), 1 taco lengua (tongue), 1 taco tripa (tripe), and 2 tacos buche. ($7, each taco $1.50-$1.75).


Notes: You can order these puppies either "Mexican" style (with cilantro and onions) or "American" style (with lettuce, tomato and cheese). I ordered these Mexican style. Double corn tortilla wraps were moist and fresh (made next door, literally).


By far, my favorite were the cabeza and the lengua tacos. The head meat was unbelievably soft and moist - totally melted away in my mouth. The tongue, as well, had been braised until butter soft - I've never had tongue that soft before.


The tripe wasn't what I expected. I had expected honeycomb tripe braised very soft. Instead, the tripe, which was pork intestines, were deep-fried. It was over-fried and had gone jerky-tough.


The buche, which my friend thought was pork cheek jowl meat, was in fact (after I did a little investigation) pork stomach. It was very cartilaginous - the finely diced cubes almost tasted like pig ears - some soft and pliable, other pieces crisp and rubbery. In retrospect, m,ost of my disappointment at the time was because it wasn't what I thought it was, which was cheek meat, which would have been very much like the head meat - melt-away soft.

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Taken on July 10, 2007