May 9, 2015 What Is Home?
Photos by Christa Forster, Paul Hester, Eric Hester, and Reggie Scott Young

On May 9, as part of my long-term What Is Home? project, through which I explore maps, home and memory loss, I exhibited a new art installation and offered short readings from my memoir-in-progress. What Is Home? is an unraveling of the different strands of my journey as a transnational citizen: family history and borders; protest in a changing world; migration and movement; and health. Pushing the lines between public and private, my installation / performance creates space for audience members to engage with my work and delve into their own narratives.

Westbury High School students Purnima and Hemangi, who participated in my storytelling workshops engaged with audience, while Pakistani and Indian women participants offered $10 neck-shoulder massages, $3 facial threading and snacks and tea ($donations accepted).

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