First Day of School: 2027
"Well, you can see there's not much left of my school now. This was actually my 4th grade classroom, believe it or not, and I would have been a senior this year. Pretty amazing how fast things can fall apart. See, back in 2020 when we went to all remote learning, no one thought that we wouldn't be back in the classroom by Fall of 2021 at the very latest. People in my neighborhood took the virus a bit more seriously than others. After all, people here are mostly POC and not exactly rich, which means we were dying a lot more already than the folks in the burbs. We wore our masks, we skipped the street parties that are usually the best part of September in Detroit, and we accepted that even though most of us didn't have computers or internet at home, it was smarter to miss a few months of education than risk bringing home the virus to our parents and grandparents. Even so, none of us would have predicted the way things went. Turns out that a couple of old writers actually had a pretty good idea of how the government and drug companies would let this play out----my reading list for this school year is a couple of books that used to be in the science fiction and fantasy section of the library."
-Jelly, Class of '28

This is a work of fiction, heavily inspired by Margaret Atwood's Mad Addam series, not to mention The Stand, but also by reality. I chose to make this the first day of school, 2027, because the abandoned school I took the photos in closed only 7 years ago, and it's pretty shocking to see how quickly things decline. There are dozens of abandoned, scrapped school buildings like this all over Detroit. Of course, there's always more to the story---the outdoor photos were taken down the street at Central High, a beautiful, currently operational public school.

Jelly's base doll is a Takara Prairie Posie on a jointed Azone sz small body, repainted with a custom mixed color and thoroughly sealed with MSC. I gave her a reroot from Wensleydale fiber I dyed myself, and three of my hand painted eye chips. She also has a pair of stock chips from a Dainty Biscuit, sleep eyes, and custom pull charms. Her outfit is completely hand made by me except for her shoes.
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