'Soapbar, Skunk, Annihilation... What's happening with cannabinoids?' - SDF Conference
Scottish Drugs Forum held a conference on cannabis and synthetic cannabinoids with keynote speaker Dr Adam Winstock, Consultant Psychiatrist and founder and director of The Global Drugs Survey on the 16th of March 2016 in Glasgow.

In recent times there have been many changes to the quality and nature of cannabis, and a proliferation of synthetic cannabinoids sold as 'legal highs'. These changes have brought a particular focus on cannabinoids and has raised concerns about harms associated with their use and our response to those harms.

As a result of this, SDF organised this event, the first of our informative conference series in 2016, to hear from leading experts in the field. With the assistance of our speakers we looked at the latest research and evidence base and practical approaches to working with cannabinoid users.
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