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the madness if the liquor : liquid painting, scott richard (2015) | by the art of liquid painting
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the madness if the liquor : liquid painting, scott richard (2015)

the art of liquid painting incorporates the power of photography and the power of painting.


using the idea of photo documentation, i am painting on canvases that could have been finished at any point ages ago.


but, like painting the time periods of daylight and nightshine, as a study, the paintings have layers and layers of completed paintings on top of them already.


similar to monet and many other artists of the time back then who were fascinated by the camera and the way it affected painting, i am diving into this same process one hundred years later.


but this time, instead of looking at hay bales, or cities, i've generated a metaphor that can undergo the same effects of time and space.


that is, the exploding dahlia.


reflecting the process of life, the exploding dahlia reaches maturation, begins to lose petals and eventually becomes fragmented debris in space.


chance and destiny, in the form of spinning die, revolve and orbit about the dahlias. so do the glittering jewels of promise, hope, and expectations.


but they, too, shatter. and circulate.


how beautiful we are!

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Taken on May 13, 2015