Erie Canal Bike Path
No other bike path captures the history of the Northeast's industrial past quite like Erie Canal bike trail. Follow the route that made New York famous as the Empire State, as you experience the towns and cities that were an integral part of New York's history.

Although the era of canals is over, the Erie Canal is still in use today as the "Barge Canal", which is the second routing of this famed waterway. The Erie Canal bike path is special in that it sometimes follows the old routing of the canal (where you can see the ruins of old locks and other canal infrastructure) and it sometimes follows the modern Barge Canal where you are riding along an active waterway with modern locks.

Starting in Albany and ending in Tonawanda (near Buffalo), this ride is bursting with history with each town you pass. Each town has a story, and depending on your interests, you can take your time to explore them!

This ride would typically be operated with vehicle support for the entire length of the ride, where luggage is transported for the riders. Transportation can also be arranged to the ride start and back home again at the ride end. The ride is customized for each client based on what they want to do.
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