NCFD Awards 2016
NOCN are a Leader in Diversity and we attended the inaugural National Centre for Diversity Grand Awards in Birmingham on 20/01/16.

MD Graham Hasting-Evans presented three awards:

1. Most Inspiring Individual of the Year, won jointly by Stewart McKillop, South Lanarkshire College and Tim Eyton-Jones, Barnfield College.
2. Principle of the Year, Mohammed Ramzan.
3. College of the Year, Trelor Trust

James Harkness, Marketing Executive at NOCN, was also nominated for the Most Inspiring Individual of the Year.

NOCN came 49/100 in the Diversity Top 100, which is good position on which to build for next year.

NOCN also won its own award - Awarding Body of the Year. This is in recognition for the work done in increasing access to opportunities for everyone, breaking down barriers to learning and ensuring all its learners, no matter who they are, is able to realise their potential.

Well done everybody!
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