Archery Badge Display
In the 1950s The British Archer Magazine started a display of Archery blazer badges, from clubs, societies and organisations, they collected over 700 in 40 years, many from clubs now long extinct.
They used to loan out the collection to clubs which also included metal pin badges, in 1992 the collection went missing.

This is an attempt to start a new collection of embroidered badges,
All the badges collected have been attached to a large piece of green fabric for display but also scanned individually to preserve the design.
For fear of the collection suffering the same fate as the original it will be taken to shoots but also be available for everyone to see via this web album.

Most clubs get their badge embroidered straight on to a shirt, as the sew on type have now gone out of fashion so these are also included in the collection.

Thank You to the many Archers who has contributed to this project.

If you have a badge please contact
Craig Benson
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