AP SIG Symposium 2014
Acute Pain SIG Satellite Symposium at World Congress on Pain --
“Faces or the Crowd: Variability and Diversity in Acute Pain Control”

After a year of planning, the AP SIG held a successful and enjoyable Satellite Symposium in Buenos Aires just before the opening of the World Congress on Pain. In his Welcome and Opening Remarks, AP SIG Chair Daniel Carr recounted milestones in Acute Pain science, policy and leadership spanning the 20 and 21st century. He set the challenge as the panels unfolded for members to consider the presentations in the context of our responsibility to understand the present and create the future. In particular, calls for individualized or personalized medicine emphasize individuals (“faces”) whose differences from one another reflect genetic, epigenetic and environmental factors, the latter including social interactivity. On the other hand, one of the fundamental principles of modern evidence-based practice is its reliance upon pooled results (“the crowd”) in such a way as to minimize the effects of outliers. Pooling of information is encouraged further by the ease of capturing large amounts of data (“big data”) electronically during routine care. The purpose of the one-day satellite symposium was to bring together leaders in field of acute pain to present and discuss their individual perspectives on how personalized care may best be accomplished in a healthcare system built on population-based information.
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