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Olympus Mons - Mars Express | by jccwrt
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Olympus Mons - Mars Express

Global image of Olympus Mons and its surroundings. It includes the extensive 'aureole' deposits. These deposits are the debris field from massive landslides that detached from the scarp at the base of the mountain. In addition to Olympus Mons, this view also captures Pavonis Mons (top right) and Arsia Mons (middle right), its neighbors on the Tharsis plateau.


Arcadia Planitia, a broad plain in the northern lowlands, dominates much of the left half of the image.


This image was taken on September 25, 2017 during Mars Express' 18,388th orbit of Mars.


Image Credit: ESA/DLR/FU Berlin/J. Cowart, CC BY-SA 3.0

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Uploaded on December 1, 2018