Public Screenings - Countdown on River Xingu V
Events accross Europe to show and discuss Martin Kessler's documentary "Countdown on River Xingu V".

Synopsis of the movie:
In May 2016 Brazil’s president, Dilma Rousseff, officially opened Belo Monte, the world’s third largest dam at the River Xingu, a tributary of the River Amazon. To this end, parts of the rainforest were cleared, fishermen and indigenous communities were displaced and 40.000 people forcefully relocated so that electric energy can be generated for multinational aluminium manufacturing companies.

”Without corruption” Belo Monte would never would never have happened”, says Catholic bishop Erwin Kräutler. The film reports on the “Petrobas” scandal implicating major Brazilian construction companies - the ones that built “Belo Monte”.

Yet, the fight continues for the Munduruku tribe, relentless in their resistance to any future megadam projects and to the alien concept of “economic growth” which continues to destroy our planet.

Trailer of the documentary:
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