2019-05-27 Oakhill Memorial Day - Main Dedication
The day was cool but nice for the most part. Rear Adm. Nathan A. Moore gave the Keynote Address, Dan Noyes (ABC/KGO) (Call to Order), Marine Corps Recruiting, SF (Posting of the Colors), Denny Weisgerber, USMC (RET) (Pledge of Allegiance), Lt. Erik Neider (Chaplain - Invocation), Commander Francis McVey (USN RET) Pres UVCSCC (Welcome), USAF Band of the West (Travis AFB) America the Beautiful, Placing of the Wreaths by veterans and veteran organizations. Elected officials included (but not limited to) S.J. Mayor Liccardo, S.C. Cty Supervisor Cortese, CA Rep Chu and U.S. Representative Lofgren. This album is only the main ceremony. I will post additional albums for the other observances at Oakhill as well. We had a flyover by a Huey Chopper and a Marine Corp Chinook Chopper as well. You will note in my album that there are several photos with one color (red) highlighted and the rest of the individual colors are black and white - this is not an error, but a special effect chosen on my camera. This year, Oakhill Director Rob Wallenger went out of his way to make this an especially meaningful day. Those at the memorial last year will remember the tent portraying a WW I trench. This year Rob had an actual replica trench dug with a fog machine to add to the realism. Interspersed with the actual ceremony are photos of organizations and veteran support groups to advise and educate the visitors. Military vehicles are supported by Eagle Field Fdn.
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