2015-05-24 Land's End Memorial
SAMS provides color guard every Memorial Day. Color Guard members were (R-L) Fran McVey, Mike Medeiros, Richard Wara, John McCarthy, Jim Hamilton, John Ralls, and John Hassenplug. This Memorial is home to the bridge of the USS San Francisco, damaged at the Battle of Guadalcanal.

Also at this event was a presentation on the Bataan Death March and the battle in the Philipines. In attendance was a survivor of the Death march, and there is also a photo of Sherry with the recipient of the "Chair of Honor," John Stevens, a survivor of Pearl Harbor, Guadalcanal and the retreat from the Chosin Reservoir in the Korean War and Chief Johnny, one of the funders of the USS SF Memorial.

With SAMS Color Guard is the Sea Cadets Band of the West and the Knights of Columbus Color Guard. The K of C have been supporting this event since the 1st year.
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