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Just keep swimming.....and trying to bite me...hahahah | by robertswildlife
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Just keep swimming.....and trying to bite me...hahahah

Indo-Chinese Rat Snake - swimming Snake. Non-venomous. Indo-Chinese Ratsnake. 灰鼠蛇 . Ptyas Korros

Taken on a macro setting with the Canon G9 compact a 7mm lens...this meant that my hand was about 10cm from his face when I took this, whilst sploshing along in a conduit, and he would strike out occasionally. A great camera to do this with, with good DOF and sufficiently large images to make them look good and sharp - tho this image is compressed for flikr viewing - the original JPEG being much larger and clearer. For that see the large here....

but you should check out the original version to see the file size and clarity from a jpeg shot on this astounding little handheld. This is THE camera for on the fly nature photography....

original file here


First "discovered" by Schlegel in 1837, this is a largish non-venomous quite commom snake in Hong Kong - tho' the first i had seen. This is a juvenile. Seen in a conduit half way up Dai Mo Shan.


This was taken with a G9 cannon, a wonderful light compact camera, that also shoots in RAW - and has video. This little chappy was caught in a conduit along route twisk/TaiMoShan mountain on the 11th october 2008. he appeared very happy in the water, swimming with head raised, and avoiding land.....more like a water snake. My son jack - 12 - leapt down into the water to catch him gently in a net. We carried him to a body of water nearby to release him, where he initially swam down to the rocks (see the video posted before this image) and then away across the water.


Juvenile. Can grow to 150cm in length. Mainly eats Gunther's frogs - but will take rodents and lizards. An active diurnal species. Will dive into water to escape when surprised. Aggresive and will bite vigorously if caught...this little chappy had a good go at us! Commonly sold in in the snake shops here in Hong Kong for its gall bladder and meat.

Lays 6-11 eggs which hatch in 45 days or so. Hatchlings 25cm long.

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Taken on October 12, 2008