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Those familiar old keys | by miss.interpretations
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Those familiar old keys

It's been ages since I've caressed the face of old keys on a piano like the one above. I own a very nice Yamaha M08 with weighted keys. It makes beautiful music but it is not and never will be the same as a real piano. I grew up playing a piano just like the one in this picture. I remember how my Mom found our first piano for sale. The owner was in a hurry and took her offer of $50. The piano was well worn with scars that bore many many years of hard love and weather. Scratched, out of tune and keys with missing tops. It came into our home as an orphan. but it didn't take long for me to fall head over heels in love. We cleaned up well and got it tuned as well as fixed. It had a delightful rich and vibrant sound. I was 11 years old and began to teach myself to play. Soon after I begged my parents for lessons and my life long passion for piano was well on its way. Years forward, we no longer have the old piano. I have nice keyboard that I still get out on occasion to play all my old favorites on. Claire De Lune, Pathetique, Voices of Spring are some of my favorite pieces. At the moment we live in a very small place where unfortunately I am unable to keep my keyboard out permanently. It's a hassle to get the stand, cords, amplifier... it rarely comes out and I miss it greatly.

We had pulled into this little park where the lights lite up the entire park supposedly at particular time. We sat waiting, kids were fidgeting to get out and I let them all out to walk around while we waited for the magical moment. I couldn't have planned it better. As we walked across the concrete towards a covered wood pavilion, the lights clicked on around the park, bokeh exploded in my peripheral vision and there in the corner under the covered pavilion sat an old weathered upright piano. I couldn't contain myself. I sat down and ran my fingers over the old keys. Although it was not the same piano I grew up with, all the old feelings for my old friend flooded back over me. It was a close enough resemblance that I felt an immediate bonding. I don't know if that piano had sang that loudly in a long time. My kids stood beside me and sang on the top of their lungs while I pounded out their favorite Christmas classics. I ended with Jesu, Son of Man's Desiring. It echoed over the park and I couldn't help but notice people standing nonchalantly around listening to me play and to my children sing. It was probably one of the most joyful and magical moments of my entire year. I took this picture of my 5 year old son who seems Mohave taken quite a shine to piano himself. Technically the picture is quite a bit grainy. But those lights behind him and most importantly the old keys under my son's hands were a bigger priority. Coming home and looking at this picture again, I can't help loving it. And if I love a picture I like to share it here. Sorry for such a long rambling story/memory. Just wanted to share the magic behind the moment. So glad I had my camera on me!

I wish each and every one of you an amazing New Year with nothing less than joy and happiness. Thank you for another year of friendship and support in my photography journey.


So much love xx


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Taken on December 23, 2018