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H-alpha equipment, description below. | by Tommi R
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H-alpha equipment, description below.

This is my rig for H-alpha photography. It's been put together with keeping in mind that I want it to be as light as possible. About 1 year ago after having big scopes I figured that what I truly need is a mobile setup.


So, starting from the nose:

1.) Baader D-ERF 90 mm energy rejection filter to cut down the excess light on those frequencies that are not needed in H-alpha. The filter transmits red light roughly within the range from 600 nm to 700 nm.

2.) Optical tube assembly: TS 80/480 FPL53 APO triplet.

3.) Daystar Quark chromosphere model connected via 2" hardware. This is the tunable narrow band filter to reject everything else but frequencies around hydrogen electron transition of 656 nm (deep red).

4.) Daystar 0.5x focal reducer to give a bit more field of view.

5.) Rowan astronomy's tilt adapter in order to get rid of the Newton rings. These rings are typical interference related phenomena for narrow band imaging and the way to reduce them is to tilt the camera sensor very slightly compared to the solar filter lens assembly.

6.) ZWO ASI178MM b&w camera, 30 FPS at 14-bit & 3096 x 2080 resolution (full res). 60 FPS at 12-bit with full res. Max frame rate around 240 FPS with low resolution. Typical imaging session creates about 25 GB of video in less than 3 minutes at full res.


Beneath the optical system:

1.) Baader Stronghold tangential assembly for fine adjusting the orientation.

2.) Benro BH2 ballhead.

3.) Sky-Watcher StarAdventurer equatorial tracking mount.

4.) Berlebach Report 222 ash wood tripod.

5.) Additional weight hanging from the tripod's center column to give more stability.


Acquisition & related:

1.) Laptop running Firecapture.

2.) Power banks for the tracking mount and the Quark.

3.) A piece of thick black canvas to be able to adjust the focus via laptop screen in full sunlight.


Tripod with eq-mount: 5.8 kg (12.8 lbs)

Counter weights: 5,4 kg (11.9 lbs)

Optics: 4,4 kg (9.7 lbs)

Total: 15.6 kg (34.4 lbs)

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Uploaded on September 17, 2016