Snowflake cultivation
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and the making of video
I've been commissioned by Jason Tozer ( to build a system for making snowflakes with the goal to produce a stop motion film of their growth. For a number of years I've been following the Caltech group ( who specialize in the study of ice crystallization. Jason's request is a great excuse to try it out. I have four weeks to make equipment before Jason arrives to film the action. I've built the cooling system. The photo shows a peltier cooler cut out of an old Colemans ice box. This can cool down to about -10C when air cooled. I've converted the heat exchanger for liquid cooling and this is fed by an old lab chiller set to -20C. The combination of the two stage system achieves the desired -50C needed to grow the flakes. The chamber creates a gradient form +40 to -40C. The Caltech example is shown here Here is another example from Professor Shepson at Purdue There is no guarantee that any of this will work but at least there is plenty of entertainment in trying. I'll post up-dates as I go along.
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