Butterfly wings
Cognisys, the makers of StopShot www.cognisys-inc.com have developed a fully automated macro focusing rail. This machine is incredible well made and accurate down to 0.01mm. The controller automates the laborious process of capturing the images need to build a high resolution macro stack by controlling not only the macro rail but also the camera.
A series of images to study the structure of butterfly and moth wings. See equipment here www.flickr.com/photos/13084997@N03/3432099638/in/set-7215.... Most are taken at 7X life size using flash. To increase DOF multiple images are combined using focus stacking. I'm now using a video camera lens "Canon TV lens JF16mm 1:1.4" reverse mounted on extension tubes giving approx 17X magnification. Many butterflies are from www.butterfliesandthings.com/
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