First attempt to pan

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First attempt to pan 3 cm during timelapse. As you can see I have judder problems and the LED lighting appears to be changing in intensity. This was also front lit which I think has increased the visabilty of the light variation.

  1. robot makes music 25 months ago | reply

    Most LEDs do flickr (heh), they're just switched faster than the eye can see [but I'm guessing you know this and already compensate or found non-switching LEDs (it's a lifespan thing, not any inherent technical issue for the curious)].

    I actually kinda like the effect though, reminds me of early 20th century cinema.

  2. linden.g 25 months ago | reply

    Thanks for advice, I sorted out the judder by changing settings on the StackShot. I'm also getting the same flicker with flash, so I guess these units also put out slightly variable light output. Or it could just be the aperture variation.

  3. Stuff I see 25 months ago | reply

    Nearly all timelapse suffers from a bit of flickering I find this filter eliminates it

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