• Standard camera mount
  • High torque precision stepping motor
  • Connection to controller
  • Precision sleeve bearing
  • Drive shaft
  • End bearing
  • Table or tripod mounting plate
  • Dimension approx 8"x3.5"x3"

StackShot, automated macro rail

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Cognisys, the makers of StopShot www.cognisys-inc.com have developed a fully automated macro focusing rail. www.cognisys-inc.com/stackshot/stackshot.php?osCsid=148b5... This machine is incredible well made and accurate down to 0.01mm. The controller automates the laborious process of capturing the images need to build a high resolution macro stack by controlling not only the macro rail but also the camera.

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  1. M. Shaw 63 months ago | reply

    This is so cool! I remember you talking about developing this. I was looking at the link for cognisys and couldn't find the info on this, like cost.
    I still want to get the high speed set up, but I am really interested in this!

  2. linden.g 63 months ago | reply

    Mike, I've been collaborating with cognisys on the design and functionality of this unit and just got the pre-production prototype. Its very impressive, way ahead in terms of contruction quality than most rails out there. The automation is unique as far as I can tell from my searches. The precision is excellent in all dimensions and it enables extreamly small stepping distances which cannot achieved on a typical manual rail. You should see some announcement very shortly on the Cognisys web site.


  3. fotoopa 63 months ago | reply

    This type unit stay already a few months on my to do list! But this version seems very well done.
    Wow, there are so much things to make. need more time.

  4. AMagill 63 months ago | reply

    Wow.. beautifully made. Nice work.

  5. kev lewis 63 months ago | reply

    This could easily be modified to drive a pan/tilt head for time lapse sequences with a panning camera :)

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  6. linden.g 63 months ago | reply

    Hi Kev, yes the basic drive unit will potentially be used on a nodal system eventually


  7. kev lewis 63 months ago | reply

    I'll wait for the nodal system to make its debut and put my design for one on hold, I have several uses for one.

  8. Brad Steels 63 months ago | reply

    Very, very cool. I need to play in the garage more often...

  9. Nantonos 59 months ago | reply

    Thanks for the good photos (much better than the ones on their website).

    I have one on order now.

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

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